We The People


We are the people that rule the world.
Democracy is not a political ideal, it is but a rather sad reality.
The people that really rule the world are you and me.

Me with all my fears and you with your misguided dreams.
Not kings nor priests up high decide our fates, no,
it is really you and me.
You with all your lust for power and me within my crooked views.

Presidents and CEOs are nothing more than puppets dancing,
dangling from our ancient fingers. And all the world´s art represents our meanings and beliefs.

We decide upon a world that we don´t truly care for.
We´re the subjects of our parents and our children in turn are our´s to be.

We rule the world and we don´t even know it.
The people who think they rule the world are really at the mercy of our fingers. We could snap their egos any time now. But what do the princes of the universe care for illusions such as these.

We are happening along our struggles while little men watch us, scaredly biting their teeth. They care for us but we don´t need them. We´ll make peace eventually, but let them learn their lessons first.

We are the people that rule the world. We make others think they rule us to make them cater to our every need. Sometimes we need war, death, misery, sometimes we want to bleed. Our lives are our wildest fantasies; just to calm down we sometimes think of boring dreams.

Looking up the sky, down into the abyss,
we see what needs to be.

Images courtesy of Claudia Rogge

2 thoughts on “We The People

  1. 08oo says:

    We the people do not rule rule the world at all. In opposite, we are misinformed by corporate media, governments and political parties who are controlled and paid to do what is in the interest of this companies and their association, foundations, parties. The control what we know, our education and even our votes.

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