The Illuminati Papers
Robert Anton Wilson

Bavarian Illuminati
Founded by Hassan-i Sabbah 1090
Reformed by Adam Weishaupt 1776

I contradict myself?
Very well, then: I contradict myself.
I am large: I contain multitudes.
~ Walt Whitman

The opposite of a trivial truth, is false;
the opposite of a great truth is also true.
~ Niels Bohr

we can synthesize Bohr/Bohm
and conclude that
primate neurology = the hidden variable
which in prescientific language
would read
the soul = God

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Love is the law, love under will.
~ Aleister Crowley (The law of Thelema)

Nothing is true, everything is permissible.
~ Hassan-i Sabbah

Your theory is crazy, but it’s not crazy enough to be true.
~ Niels Bohr to a young physicis

Want to contact Higher Intelligence? It’s easy, really. The human brain is an “organ of adaptation” (Freud). HEAD means Hedonic Engineering And Development. Using your brain for fun and profit. Efficiently, ecstatically, creatively. Contacting the Higher Intelligence within. That’s what HEAD is all about. Having fun with your own HEAD. And getting smarter. Send us no money. Just buy the basic programming manuals for the human HEAD:
1. The book you have in your hands.
2. Exo-Psychology, by Timothy Leary, Ph.D.
3. Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, by John Lilly, M.D.
4. Mind Games, by Masters and Houston.
5. Magick, by Aleister Crowley.

That’s all there is to it. Read the manuals. Learn to program your own HEAD space. Be the first Hedonic Engineer on your block. And … have fun with your new Head!

The whole function of Crowley’s magick, like Leary’s Neurologic, Tibetan Tantra, and Dr. John Lilly’s metaprogramming theory, is to experiment with alternative belief systems or models until you realize that holding to any one model is stupid and self-limiting. (Modern physicists discovered this independently by getting down to the quantum-energy level, where things are so complex that you need more than one model to make sense of them.) It’s like the old Jewish joke about the guy who sits playing one note on the violin, day after day, week after week, year after year. Finally his wife says, “Max, for God’s sake, other people who play the violin try different notes and make whole melodies.” He says smugly, “They’re looking for the right place. I’ve found it.” Most people imprint one set of biosurvival strategies, one emotional game, one symbolic reality map and one sex role, and then stop growing. To understand Richard Nixon, assume that after his first orgasm created his Circuit IV sex-role imprint around 1925 or so, his nervous system never changed again. He was literally looking at the 1970s through a 1920s reality tunnel. So-called “future shock” is really present shock, because, as Leary says, the present is the future of the nervous system. Most people are still seeing/sensing a world that vanished around the middle of their adolescence. Women, who take a new imprint at each childbirth, are less rigified than men, in this respect. Which is why, as Faulkner said, to find out what’s really going on, ask die women. See who smiles more often—men or women. It’s the women, of course, and that’s not all sex-role playing or flirtation. They smile more because they’ve got more sense of humor: they see the realities that most men are too blindly robotic to notice.

The science of Neurologic is easy. Humanity is trapped (temporarily) in static, repetitious neural circuits that create misery, conflict, prejudice, war, stupidity. There is no longer any need for this sad situation to continue. It is easy to reprogram the nervous system and thus to remove these static, mechanistic circuits (conditioned reactions). You can be anything you want to be, the next time around. It is easy to reprogram the nervous system. Start with the so-called “Thoth” exercise of Gnostic mystics. It begins as imagination, but it does not remain imagination. This is what you do: Imagine vividly me “astral” field around your body, as shown in Kirlian photography. By imagination and will, change this field into the form of a divinity: Christ, Buddha, Pan, the Great Mother, Krishna, Aphrodite, or whoever you like. It is easy to begin reprogramming the nervous system by such vivid imagination. Do the exercise at least ten minutes every morning and every evening for one week. Then, the following week, do the exercise for fifteen minutes each morning, after smoking one marijuana cigarette. Acquire a tape recorder. Record at least 50 times the sentence “You can be anything you want to be, this time around.” Add to it a sentence necessary to your self-development, e.g., “I can be happy, this time around”; “I can be fearless, this time around”; “I can be loving and patient, this time around.” Repeat the transformation into the God-form while the tape plays back to you these new programs. Do it until you know, beyond all doubt, that it is no longer imagination, that the new program has been recorded in your neurons. Read and study carefully Exopsychology by Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocom-puter, by John Lilly, M.D.; and any text on “magick” or healing by Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, G. I. Gurdjieff, or Mary Baker Eddy. papers It is easy to reprogram the nervous system by these methods. Send copies of this transmission everywhere, especially to newspapers and educational or underground radio stations. The power of this signal is magnified 100 times each time it is broadcast over radio or TV. As the species evolves, as technology (the extension of the mind in hardware) evolves, as we extend ourselves in space, time, and consciousness, the nervous system must also evolve.

According to Fuller’s analysis, the Great Pirates—kings, emperors, mikadoes, prime ministers—who seized control of Terra at the beginning of the Bronze Age are now sponsored entities, puppets of finance capitalism. When Fuller wrote Grunch of Giants, it required $100,000,000 to run a campaign for president; it requires even more now, due to inflation. Guess where the politicians of the world get that kind of money, and then you’ll have a good idea who really runs the world today. Whether the Republicans or Democrats win an election, the Federal Reserve still makes the important decisions; whether the Tories or Labour win in England, the Bank of England remains in control. As Fuller wrote:
“Never before in all history have the inequities and the momentums of unthinking money-power been so glaringly evident to so vastly large a number of…all-around-the-world humans…”

Every hierarchy is a communication jam. Every ruling elite suffers from Progressive Disorientation: the longer they rule, the crazier they get. That’s because everybody lies to the men in power—some to escape punishment, some to flatter and curry favor. The result is that the elite get a very warped idea of the world indeed. This applies to all pyramidal organizations—armies, corporations, or governments. It even applies to old-fashioned patriarchal families. The individual or group at the top feed entirely on flattering and deceptive garbage.

Hubbard was a member of the Agape Lodge of the OTO in Los Angeles in the ’40s, but he didn’t destroy it. It was years later, when some tabloid dug up Hubbard’s link with the OTO, that he claimed he had been spying on them, not for the FBI, but for Naval Intelligence. As for Scientology, I would agree with Kenneth Anger’s judgment that Hubbard took the techniques used in the OTO to liberate people and turned them backward in order to enslave people. But that may be uncharitable.

As the Sufis say, every organization eventually becomes a conditioning or brainwashing instrument. It could be that Hubbard means well, but Scientology has lasted too long and become monolithic and myopic. I think Crowley deliberately screwed up the succession in the OTO (so that nobody could prove legitimate succession from him, and there are now five competing heads), just to prevent that kind of rigidifi-cation. As we Discordians say, “Convictions cause convicts.” Whatever you believe imprisons you.

Libertarian communication, via Internet, allows for quicker feedback, which will also be more accurate feedback, and Spaceship Earth will begin to move in a sensible way at last, no longer having 150+ Supreme Commanders all steering in different directions. Until that planetary synergy (called the Global Brain by British philosopher Peter Russell) emerges fully …

One day in 1909, Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr. Carl Jung were arguing about extrasensory perception. Freud—I imagine him with the inevitable cigar clenched between his teeth—was insisting that all that stuff was nonsense, and Jung was arguing that there was something in it, really, although he didn’t know what. As the argument heated up and the emotional energy began to crackle, there suddenly came an explosive bang from Freud’s bookcase. “There,” said Jung, “that is an example of a so-called catalytic phenomenon.” “Oh, come!” Freud exclaimed. “That is sheer bosh!” “It is not,” Jung replied firmly, feeling possessed by an intuitive conviction he could not understand. “You are mistaken, Herr Professor. And to prove my point, I now predict that in a moment there will be another bud report!” No sooner had Jung spoken, than the same detonation went off again in the bookcase. Freud looked so aghast that Jung, who was a bit unsettled himself, dropped the subject at once. In his autobiography, Jung says he and Freud never discussed the incident again. What are we to make of such a yarn? The skeptic will label it “mere coincidence”— or, even more strongly, “sheer coincidence” —and forget about it. This does not really satisfy anybody but the skeptic himself, and leaves most of us thinking of Ring Lardner’s immortal line: “Shut up,” he explained.

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